We are currently engaged in the development of several exciting projects
23 artists working tediously in a studio in Valasarawakkam, a distant suburb of Chennai.

The enthralling world of Animation; brings to life one’s most creative fantasies. By giving form to ideas, shape to characters, voice to comic books and most importantly, movement to static tales from the past.

Mayabimbham – The Pioneers in Indian Animation and a team with a burning
passion to do something different. We deliver Quality programs - that target children and the child in us all. Hours of wholesome entertainment; for Indian audiences here and across the world. And most important, Indian Animation like no one has seen before.

Mayabimbham forayed into an area that lied virtually unexplored – animation films created specially for the Indian audience. This endeavor has culminated in the
India’s First 3D Animated Feature Film “V4” in 2k Resolution of duration
90 minutes

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