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Language : Multilingual
Type   : 3D Animated Feature Film
Duration : 90 minutes

The storyline is based on adventure and comedy.

Vicchu, Varathu, Vaithi and Venkat Govind; four friends from a small village, earn their livelihood from “Kathakalakshepam” (a form of story telling).

Like all of us they have some ‘’WISHES’’.

They are guided by an old lady to meet a Swamiji in his abode deep in the mountains to fulfill these wishes.

After overcoming some interesting obstacles on their way, they meet the Swamiji.

To their surprise the Swamiji has a problem helping them as he needs to get back his Holy Maala which is guarded by a Rakshas in a Cave.

The Big Adventure starts with interesting creative themes like:

  • Colorful Sea-Life Characters
  • A Dancing Fakir
  • Gold Palace
  • The Rakshas
  • Deep Water Magic
  • Other Interesting Characters.

The glittering gold house in the mysterious cave evokes greed in our friends.

In the motive of killing their friends for taking sole possession of the complete fortune, the three Varathu, Vaithi and Govind, get themselves caught in exciting and funny incidents in the Cave.

Vicchu, who conquers his greed, wins the Swamiji’s blessings.

There are four song sequences (one with Maestro Illaiyaraja’s voice) and one fight sequence.

The Theme is...

“There is greed in everyone, and the one who overcomes it, is the more Complete and Perfect person………….. and Richer too!”

"Inimey Nangathaan was released to theatres in Sept. 2007, which was highly appreciated and applauded by all audiences.

It has been dubbed and released in the following languages:

Title Language Broadcaster/Licensor
Inimey Nangathaan Tamil Zee Tamil
IMayabommallu Telugu Zee Telugu
Koodi Ballidare Kannada Zee Kannadan
Desi Pundits Hindi & English Turner Broadcasting - Cartoon Network, Pogo
Swarna Mallika Malayalam Konil Studios

Credit List
Producer S. Sridevi
Director, Animation , Technical Director Story & Screenplay S. Venky Baboo
Music Maestro Illaiyaraaja
Editing B. Lenin
Lyrics Vaalee
Dance Shivshankar
Voices P. Pandu
M.S. Baasker
Vasu Vikram
Maaran & etc
Madhu Balakrishnan
Sriram Parthasarathy
Mayil Samy
PRO Nikil
Sound Dolby 2.1 / DTS 5.1
DI Recording Prime Focus Ltd., Chennai
Processing Lab Adlabs Film Ltd., Chennai


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Trailers ofInime Nangadhan

Inimey Nangathaan 1 mn promo

Inimey Nangathaan 3 mn promo


Mayabommallu (Telugu)


Desi Pundits (Hindi)




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