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We are currently engaged in the development of several exciting projects
23 artists working tediously in a studio in Valasarawakkam, a distant suburb of Chennai.


Language  : Multilingual
Duration  : 90 mns
Type  : Feature Film
Target Audience  : All ages

"Arjun" is a series of three films of duration of 90 mns each. The first film is Arjun's adventure in "BUG'S LAND".

Arjun a lovable, naughty and charming ten years old boy is the protagonist. Arjun is assigned a project about insects by his teacher.To be a topper in his class, Arjun plans for the project with live insects. So he captures insects from his garden, in a box. At night the insects carry away Arjun to their land. The adventures of Arjun in their land and the lesson what he learns and whether he tops in his class with twists and turns is the remaining part of the story.


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